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Gastrointestinal examination

History – The physician will ask you about your complaints including vital functions (appetite, stool habits etc .) , allergy to food and drugs, recent medication (list of the names of medicine taken and doses), use of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine etc..) ,chronic diseases, (gynaecological history) , family history (cancer, or hereditary disesases), social status (job, lifestyle etc.)

Physical examination - This involves an inspection of your body and organs, palpation of the lymph nodes or mass in the abdominal cavity, listening to your breathing and heart beat with a stethoscope, percussion of the abdominal wall and if necessary digital examination of your anal region   (, e.g. in stool habit disorders, pain or haemorrage coming from the the anal region ). 

In some cases a special or invasive procedure ( e.g . an endoscopy) may be performed .The patient will be given complete information before each procedure. Patient can undergo GE endoscopic examination when he/she has agreed with this procedure and has signed the informed consent before the procedure.  

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