We do not promise to cure you, but we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Dear visitors and patients

    Welcome to our Gastroenterology Outpatient and Virtual Office website. Since June 2001 this has been the first and the only virtual GE office in Slovakia. Last year we have celebrated 25th anniversary of  our GE office and 20th of virtual one.

We are social media friendly, so you can catch us there. At our virtual office we offer free advice within 7 days but currently this is only available in Slovak and Czech. Fans of our Facebook site can get an answer, free of charge within 5 days.

If you need a personal advice or a second opinion in English, these services are paid for according to the price list. In the case of urgent digestion problems, it is possible to get advice or an appointment within 24 hrs. If you have a Slovak insurance card, your health service is covered as a Slovak citizen, generally free of charge. 

We wish you a pleasant stay in Slovakia, we are ready to help you in any gastroenterological health problems. 


Jozef Klucho M.D. 
private gastroenterologist 
CEO and administrator


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Leah MacGilp and Scott Elborn
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